Om Mathias Klang

Mathias currently holds positions both at the University of Borås and the University of Göteborg. In Göteborg Mathias conducts research in the field of legal informatics with particular interest in copyright, democracy, human rights, free expression, censorship, open access and ethics. He has published several articles in these topics. Among his recent work is a co-edited volume (with Andrew Murray) entitled “Human Rights in the Digital Age”. In addition to this he defended his PhD thesis “Disruptive Technology” in October 2006. Mathias is a coordinator of the Resistance Studies Network, he has been Project Lead for Creative Commons Sweden since 2004 and a member of the Free Software Foundation Europe team since 2006. For the blog:

FSCONS approaching fast

Only 17 (!!!) days left till FSCONS. The FSCONS team published a revised schedule at the FSCONS-website today. They also announced an Openmoko codesprint as well as the QtCenter Contest. A panel debate about the Future of Copyright is now … Läs mer

media arkiv 2005

2005 ”Creative Commons & kulturproduktionens renässans” Debatt av Mathias Klang i VägValVänster, 16 november 2005. Länk. reproducerad i Dagens ETC, 6 december 2005. Länk. ”Fri fildelning inget alternativ” Debatt av Lars Erik Holmquist i Computer Sweden, 5 oktober 2005. Länk. … Läs mer

media arkiv 2004

2004 ”Fritt fram kopiera från Wireds nya cd” av Niklas Dahlin i Ny Teknik, 5 november 2004. Länk. ”BBC öppnar arkiv med hajpad licens” av Jonas Ryberg i Ny Teknik, 4 juli 2004. Länk.