Public Domain Mark

Intressanta nyheter från Creative Commons blog angående den nya Public Domain märkningen.

We are publishing today for comment our new Public Domain Mark, a tool that allows works already in the public domain to be marked and tagged in a way that clearly communicates the work’s PD status, and allows it to be easily discoverable. The PDM is not a legal instrument like CC0 or our licenses — it can only be used to label a work with information about its public domain copyright status, not change a work’s current status under copyright. However, just like CC0 and our licenses, PDM has a metadata-supported deed and is machine readable, allowing works tagged with PDM to be findable on the Internet. (Please note that the example used on the sample deed is purely hypothetical at the moment.)

Nu har Creative Commons öppnat upp för kommentarer och ber att få in kommentarer före Onsdag 18 augusti. Skicka in kommentarer till cc-licenses mailinglistan.

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