FSFE announces New Year’s resolution campaign

Happy new year to all of you.

As we saw and debated at last year’s FSCONS Free Culture and Free Software are closely linked and intertwined.

The CC Network brings people together to promote Free Culture and Creative Commons licensing, share their experiences and communicate with one another. But what would Free Culture be without the foundations of Free Software? Following this thought I wanted to point you to this year’s FSFE New Year’s Resolution campaign.The Fellowship of the FSFE supports local activities, aims to educate about the endless advantages of Free Software and is a good and solid way to support the FSFE, its causes and the ”Free” movement as a whole.

So see you at FSFE Fellowship.

2009 New Year's Resolution

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Om Mathias Klang

Mathias currently holds positions both at the University of Borås and the University of Göteborg. In Göteborg Mathias conducts research in the field of legal informatics with particular interest in copyright, democracy, human rights, free expression, censorship, open access and ethics. He has published several articles in these topics. Among his recent work is a co-edited volume (with Andrew Murray) entitled “Human Rights in the Digital Age”. In addition to this he defended his PhD thesis “Disruptive Technology” in October 2006. Mathias is a coordinator of the Resistance Studies Network, he has been Project Lead for Creative Commons Sweden since 2004 and a member of the Free Software Foundation Europe team since 2006. For the blog: http://www.digital-rights.net/

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